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hello ladies and genttttts. I’m Alvina or Allie or whatever you want to call me. I am running my sixth blog of the week and its a NO POLL BLOG OF THE WEEK.
ANY blog style can win. I don’t care how many followers you have. I only care that you have a gorgeous blog and you have a great personality. I will pick based on what you have on your blog and how well you run it. If I see you’re mean or rude to your followers, you’re out! 
 What do you have to do to be considered?
1. You must be following me!2. Reblog this post. Max 3 times! Likes will be ignored
If you’re my blog of the week, you will be promoted to xx,xxx followers! You may ask for promos anytime, help with voting, reaching goals, theme makeovers etc. Anything we could agree on & that I am capable to do. Your blog will be promoted for a whole week & you’ll be featured on my blog for two weeks.
I think my last blog of the week gained over 250+ followers, maybe even more. I’m not so sure. My promo proofs are here!
Things that you could do to make your chances better. Write me a post, telling me why I should pick you, tell me about yourself. Tag it “organicxavenue”.
This is a NO POLL BLOG OF THE WEEK. Why? Cause last time a ton of people asked me not to do a poll. How do you win? I will pick 6-10 blogs that i like, then those 6-10 blogs can ask their followers to send me a message on why you should be my BOTW off anon ONLY. It doesn’t matter if only one person messages me!
Any questions? I won’t mind answering them. My ask box is right here!

Fitness/weight loss blog: 143 to 112
Mail me a <3 in my ask for a promo :)

got some rosy if ya want ✰